Interview with Ximena del Solar (TRAUMA)

Ximena del Solar

After talking to TRAUMA director Lucio A. Rojas some weeks ago, it’s up to Ximena del Solar, who plays one of the main characters in the movie. Also, since it is her birthday today, we send our congratulations to her.   Thrill & Kill: What were your first thoughts, when you read the script of [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Lucio A. Rojas (TRAUMA)

Trauma. Lucio A. Rojas

  T&K: TRAUMA is more than the average Rape & Revenge – movie. How did you get the idea for the movie? Lucio A. Rojas: I did not think of anything. As a Chilean, we are aware of what we experienced because of the brutal dictatorship of General Pinochet that we had for 17 years. We [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Mike Kehoe (THE HATRED)

Thrill and Kill: Congratulations on your awesome trailer for THE HATRED. A lot of people saw the trailer. How does it feel to reach so many people? Mike Kehoe: When the trailer went out I was hoping to get at least 100 thousand views. Even that I believed to be out of reach for us. [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Can Evrenol (Director of BASKIN)

Thrill & Kill: When the BASKIN trailer came out, it seemed that it attracted attention worldwide almost instantly. Did you expect that? Can Evrenol: Once XYZ and Toronto loved the film, it was like hitting the lottery for us. The hype escalated pretty quickly after that, understandably, since we have a great poster, and a [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Paul Hyett (HOWL, SEASONING HOUSE)

THRILL & KILL: Paul, you did a lot of special effects and make up for well-known horror movies like ATTACK THE BLOCK, EDEN LAKE and THE DESCENT in the past and only started working as a director some years ago when you did SEASONING HOUSE. What made you change directions? PAUL HYETT: I’d been working [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Alex Essoe (STARRY EYES)

Thrill & Kill: Alex, congratulations to your great performance in STARRY EYES. Your character Sarah develops from a very likeable, good looking young woman, into something wicked and ugly, both on the outside and inside. What was harder to do? The physical part (i.e. the bloody scenes) or the mental transformation? Alex Essoe: Actually, the [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with director Brian O’Malley (LET US PREY)

Thrill & Kill: Brian, LET US PREY is your first feature film. So people didn’t have an idea what to expect from you. Can you tell us a bit about the process how you became the director of this movie? Brian O’Malley: I have been directing TV commercials with Irish production company Red Rage Films [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Timo Tjahjanto (KILLERS, V/H/S 2)


Thrill&Kill: You recently made it on our list of the most promising horror directors. While this is hardly the most important award, does it mean anything to you, if people not only watch and like your individual movies, but also realize your work as a whole? Timo Tjahjanto: Thank you! It means a lot to [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Jordan Rubin (ZOMBEAVERS)

jordan rubin

Thrill & Kill: “ZOMBEAVERS??? Not really!?” That’s how most our readers reacted, when we first reported on the movie. I think many expected the second coming of SHARKNADO. What can we actually expect? Jordan Rubin: I’ll take “not really” over “no thanks” any day of the week. From the beginning, my intention was to make [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Josh Ethier (ALMOST HUMAN, DIGGIN UP THE MARROW)

Thrill & Kill: Josh, you’re working as an actor but you’re also doing a lot of other stuff behind the camera. You had the job as the editor for movies like Eric England’s CONTRACTED or the new Adam Green film DIGGIN UP THE MARROW. How was the working process on both of them? Josh Ethier: [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Jonas Govaerts (CUB)

Thrill&Kill: CUB is your first feature film and despite the high creativity it is a characteristic Backwood Slasher. Is there a reason why you choose a typical horror movie topic? Are you fan of those kind of films? Jonas: I’ll watch every genre of film, but horror was definitely my first love. I chose to [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Chad Crawford Kinkle (JUG FACE)

Chad Crawford Kinkle told us about his much-anticipated new movie JUG FACE: Thrill&Kill: Hello Chad. I’ve read that your favourite movie is A WONDERFUL LIFE, which isn’t exactly a horror flick. Can you tell us what inspired you to enter the horror-genre as a filmmaker? Chad: Horror is just what comes out of me. It’s [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Jen and Sylvia Soska (AMERICAN MARY)

Jen Sylvia Soska AMERICAN MARY has been one of the very pleasant surprises so far in 2013 and apparently a lot of critics feel the same way. After having only shot the tiny-budget-film DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and some shorts, did you expect the positive reactions? Sylvia Soska: Thank you so kindly for saying that. We [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Derek Mears (FRIDAY THE 13th, HATCHET 3)

Derek Mears

Cat: Derek, you’ve started your acting/stunt career in the 90s and you have been in over 60 Films and TV-Shows. What made you want to become an actor? Derek Mears: I grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons as a kid and I loved it. Acting was the closest career choice to playing D&D. Cat: I [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Director Randal Plunkett

Cat: Hello Randal, I know that you really like the horror genre so I would like to know when did you start watching horror movies? Randal Plunkett: Hi Cat, well to say I like the horror genre would perhaps be an understatement. I love the horror genre! I’ve always been fascinated by all things dark, even [Weiterlesen…]

Interview: Paul Hough (THE HUMAN RACE, BACKYARD)

Thrill & Kill: Paul, according to you are a filmmaker since at least 1996, but you certainly take your time between filming. Not counting the documentary THE BACKYARD you only did a number of short-films over the years. What took you so long to bring out your first feature film? Paul Hough: It took [Weiterlesen…]

Exclusive-Interview with Lianne Spiderbaby (Grindhouse Girls)


Here is our interview with Lianne Spiderbaby in the original version. Cat: Hello Lianne, it’s been a while since our last interview and I’m glad that you take the time to keep us up to date with your latest projects. Last time we’ve talked about your little role in TOOLBOX MURDERS 2 which is retitled in [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Thomas Ian Nicholas (THE LOST TREE)

Here is our interview with Thomas Ian Nicholas in the original version. Cat: Thomas, you are best known for the AMERICAN PIE movies but you are also no stranger in the horror scene. You’ve played the role of Bill in HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION in 2002. Can you tell us anything about what it was like making the [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Hannah Neurotica (WiHM)

Here is our interview with Hannah Neurotica in the original version. Cat: Since I’ve heard about „Woman In Horror Month“, it caught my attention. Tell us how it got started. Hannah Neurotica: Women in Horror Month was started out of my own frustration with how media and, well, people in general,  perceived the relationship between women and [Weiterlesen…]

Interview with Dan Yeager (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Here is our interview with Dan Yeager in the original version. Cat: Hello Dan. Congratulations on your role as Leatherface in TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. How did you get the role? Dan Yeager: I worked with the Producer on a little TV pilot project for a mutual friend. He invited me to his Christmas party where I [Weiterlesen…]