Interview with Derek Mears (FRIDAY THE 13th, HATCHET 3)

Cat: Derek, you’ve started your acting/stunt career in the 90s and you have been in over 60 Films and TV-Shows. What made you want to become an actor?

Derek Mears: I grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons as a kid and I loved it. Acting was the closest career choice to playing D&D.

Cat: I have to say that the first time I really noticed you as an actor was after I watched FRIDAY THE 13th (2009). How did you get this role?

Derek Mears: Platinum Dunes was asking different industry professionals who they thought would make a good new Jason and fortunately my name kept popping up. I went in for a meeting and walked out with the part.

Cat: Jason Voorhees is still one of the most popular horror icons. Were you nervous to play a character that so many people have loved for so many years?

Derek Mears: Jason is my favorite horror character before got hired to play him. I wanted to do him justice.  I always say I’m a fan representing the fans, so it was important for me to keep the balance of keeping the mythos of the character accurate with a mix of taking a risk of bringing something new to him.

Derek Mears as Jason VoorheesCat: People are still asking for another FRIDAY THE 13th Film since the success of the remake, there is still a lot of rumors about another film. The fans loved your performance as Jason Voorhees, so I’m sure they would love to see you again in this role.

Derek Mears: Still no new news on the sequel. I love the series. Even if I’m not part of F13th 2 I just want to see another film as a fan.

Cat: In other interviews you mentioned that you are a big horror fan yourself. Can you name some of your favorite films?

Derek Mears: Sure! The Evil Dead series, The Friday the 13th series, John Carpenter’s The Thing & Aliens are a few of my favorites.

Cat: Your character in THE AGGRESSION SCALE (Good job by the way!) is a departure from your usual roles because in your best known roles you‘re wearing a mask or a costume. How did you prepare for that role?

Derek Mears: Thank you! You’re too kind. I wouldn’t say it’s a departure. I’ve been bouncing between my normal face and wearing masks for years. It’s just that some of the masked characters I’ve played have been iconic so that’s how my career is introduced to people. I prepare for every role the same way, if I’m wearing a mask or not. It’s all acting to me.

The Hills have Eyes 2Cat: We can also watch you in roles like in MEN IN BLACK 2 (as Mosh Tendrils), PREDATORS (as a classic Predator) THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 (as Chameleon) and CURSED (as a Werewolf). For which of these costumes did you need the longest time to become the character?

Derek Mears: If I remember correctly, I’d say The Chameleon character from Hills Have Eyes 2. I believe the entire process took about 3 ½ to 4 hours a day.

Cat: You’ve done a lot of conventions in recent years. What do you like about conventions?

Derek Mears: I’m a horror fan!!! If I’m not doing a film or television job I’ll sometimes get invited to travel around the world and hang out with people at a con who like the same exact things I do. It’s incredible fun. Plus, the fans are amazing!

Cat: Let’s talk about HATCHET 3. You play the part of Hawes. How was it on set and was it fun to film?

Derek Mears: I loved working with Adam Green & B J McDonnel. Two guys who are hard working, talented and respect everyone around them. It was a super fun shoot. Well, aside from getting eaten alive by giant mosquitoes in the Louisiana swamps.

Cat: How would you best describe Victor Crowley?

Derek Mears: Smelly.  …no, okay. Ha! The legend of Victor Crowley is that he was murdered in the swamps of Louisiana and now looks for his dead father late at night while leaving murder and mayhem in his wake.

Hatchet 3

Cat: I saw you recently in HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS has the troll Edward. The film was shoot in Germany right? How was it shooting in Germany?

Derek Mears: Berlin was INCREDIBLE. I was there for about 3 months. Everyone I met was beyond kind to me. I really enjoyed learning about the German culture while I was there. I was blown away by the amazing art and architecture in the city.

Compound FractureCat: Can you tell me a little bit about your role in COMPOUND FRACTURE? Your co-star Tyler Mane also wrote the script with Renae Geerlings and the film is produced by his production Company Mane Entertainment.

Derek Mears: Sure! Tyler Mane and I have been friends before the whole Jason and Michael thing. It blows some fans minds when they see us hanging out. “Wait, Jason and Michael are friends?!!” Lol. Tyler asked me to be a part of his Horror/Thriller Compound Fracture and I quickly agreed. The plot of the film is that Tyler’s dad in the film (played by Muse Watson) has dementia and Tyler and his family have to return home to take care of him. Once they arrive they discover that the home is garnished in super natural wards to keep something out. I’m that something. Is Muse just crazy or is there a real threat?

Cat: I’ve read that you are doing improvised comedy. I hope you are showing your ability for comedy in the TV-Show Holliston! What can you tell us about your part in the show?

Derek Mears: I’ve been performing improv comedy for a long time. It’s a big part of my life. Adam Green who is a hilarious guy asked me to do some guest spots on his sitcom Holliston. I play Officer Duffy, an insecure not so bright policeman. It’s an incredibly fun show. I’m thrilled that he keeps calling me back to reprise the character.

Cat: What’s next for you?

Derek Mears: Well, I have Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters coming out next week on DVD and Hatchet 3 is being released the same week. Currently shooting other projects at the moment, but I’m not officially allowed to say what they are at this time.

Cat: Thank you so much for taking the time and all the best for your future!

Derek Mears: Thank YOU for taking the time to do this interview!!!!!


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