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Here is our interview with Dan Yeager in the original version.

Cat: Hello Dan. Congratulations on your role as Leatherface in TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. How did you get the role?
Dan Yeager: I worked with the Producer on a little TV pilot project for a mutual friend. He invited me to his Christmas party where I met the Director (who I apparently intimidated or otherwise made uneasy). I think the idea was originally put forth by my acting coach and friend, Jeff Celentano. He had told Carl (Carl Mazzocone/Producer) a few months before that he thought I’d make a great Leatherface (for which I am forever in his debt).

Cat: How was the shoot?
Dan Yeager: The shoot was great. It was over 100 degrees (38c) every day, but due to the nature of the character of Leatherface, I worked mostly at night, so that wasn’t too bad. I was allowed to do all my own stunts, which was really the best part. I remember telling one of the crew after a particularly exciting shot was over, „I have the best job on the movie.“ All I can say is, it involved a live chainsaw and a shotgun.

Cat: What was it like being Leatherface?
Dan Yeager: I’ve said before that nothing in my actor training really prepared me for the role. Acting schools don’t cover wearing a mask of human flesh and chasing folks with a real chainsaw with the intent to kill them. Being Leatherface is better than being anyone else in the room. I loved it.

Cat: The film will be released next year. What can we expect?
Dan Yeager: Expect the best 3D you’ve ever seen. Expect to see what happened to all the characters after Sally got away and how the Sawyers dealt with the aftermath of that event. Expect to see what a bunch of fans of the original 1974 movie put together to continue the tale of the Sawyer clan.

Cat: Did you ever see one of the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE movies?
Dan Yeager: I have seen them all.  We disregarded everything that came after the original, though, in continuing the story. The 2003 remake and The Beginning were completely different movies.  TCM 2 had no real relevance to the plot-line of the first. The characters were derived from the original, but were exaggerated for comedic purposes. The third was a strange and interesting tangent that certainly inspired some of the creativity in our movie, but has no relation to the plot.

Cat: When I take a look at the cast, I can see that two actors from previous TCM films will come back. How was it to work with Bill Moseley and Marilyn Burns?
Dan Yeager: There were three, including Gunnar Hansen, who is listed as „archival footage,“ but he also played a role as a Sawyer clan member. Bill and I didn’t have any scenes together on set, but we were in the ADR studio together. He’s a great guy. It’s fun working with people who love the work as much as I do.

It was a surreal experience working with Marilyn. Just trying to wrap your head around the fact that you’re working with a person who had always been a mythological character in your life. It’s almost dream-like recalling it. Gunnar is a wonderful person. We had the opportunity to walk through the set and talk about the Summer of ’73.  Again, absolutely surreal.

Cat: The original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was banned in Germany for over 25 years. What do you think about censorship?
Dan Yeager: I encourage people to seek out all banned movies, books and music. It’s ironic how the poorest thinkers always want to think for everyone else. If there’s anything you’d like me to smuggle into the country for you, let me know. I think I’ll be there next March.

Cat: Do you like horror movies and can you tell me some of your favorites?
Dan Yeager: I love horror movies. They still haven’t made a vampire movie better than Nosferatu. I love all the old Universal classics, especially Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. From Beyond, Night of the Living Dead, Hellraiser, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Alien, The Shining, The Exorcist, Cannibal Ferox. I also love really bad, low budget, schlocky horror.

Cat: The fans love to meet the cast of the TCM movies, especially the Leatherface actors. Are you interested in horror conventions?
Dan Yeager: I am looking forward to doing some conventions as soon as Lionsgate begins the marketing campaign. Until then, I’ve got little to offer fans.

Cat: What’s coming up for you?
Dan Yeager: I just finish writing a script that’s slowly making its way though Hollywood. Until the movie comes out, I’m just another out of work actor. I’ve done a couple of small, independent movies lately, but haven’t found the next big thing.

Cat: Thank you for the interview. We wish you all the best with TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D and your future.
Dan Yeager: It was a pleasure. I hope you like what we did with TCM. Thank you very much for the wonderful questions and your interest in the movie.

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