Interview with Kane Hodder and Author Michael Aloisi

Kane Michael - Thrillandkill (Horrorfilme und Thriller)

Here is the interview with horror icon Kane Hodder and Author Michael Aloisi for our english speaking readers. We hope you enjoy it!

Cat: You have done a lot of stunts. How did you get the idea to work as a stuntman?
KANE: I always knew I wanted to have a career that would be exciting, and when I saw the stunt show at Universal Studios, I was hooked.

Cat: You’ve been doing this for more than 30 years. Did it ever occur to you to do something different?
KANE: Even when I almost died as a result of doing a stunt, I never thought about any other career. If a near-death event doesn’t change your mind, then nothing will.

Cat: You’ve played a double role in Adam Green’s HATCHET. Hopefully we will see you again in the next one. How was it for you?
KANE: I love the character of Victor Crowley and I really appreciate him giving me a second role in the movie so I could show another side of my acting. It has changed my career. It is always a pleasure working with Adam Green. He is a genius.

Cat: What’s your favourite horror movie?
KANE: The Exorcist!

Cat: Now, your first book UNMASKED is being published. How did it happen?
M.ALOISI: After starting my own publishing company, I happen to watch one of my favorite actors movies… Ed Gein, staring Kane Hodder. While watching it I thought of how much I’d love to read about Kane’s life story, so I looked on-line to see if he had a book. When I found out he didn’t‘ have one, I quickly started to write a proposal to Kane about writing it myself. Amazingly, he responded and we started talking. While he had offers from some big companies, he went with us because he loved our ideas.

Cat: What can we expect and what is UNMASKED about?
KANE: Unmasked is about everything in my life. Good and bad. Not just a career resume like some actors biographies.

Cat: What do you do for recreation?
KANE: My hobbies are reading true crime, playing poker and doing IQ tests. (Not a joke)

Cat: You’ll be in CHILLERAMA, which premiered in germany at the fantasy filmfest. How was the shoot?
KANE: It is always nothing but fun when you work with Adam. Every project we do, he comes up with something for me to do that I have never done on film before. Chillerama is very funny.

Cat: What kind of music do you like?
KANE: I listen to music by Rob Zombie, Killing Joke and Insane Clown Posse. MCL

                                                                                               Photo by Jesse Adair                                                                                            

Cat: You and author Mike have entered a partnership with the charity organisation SCARES THAT CARE. Can you tell us a little bit about this organisation?
M.ALOISI: They are a great foundation created by horror industry professionals that help a lot of kids. They offered to create an entire division for Kane and the book that will help out burn survivors. Wanting to help as many people as we could, we couldn’t pass that up,especially with out great they are. Make sure you donate to the charity at:

Cat: Do you plan a worldwide distrubtion?
M.ALOISI: The book will be available in multiple countries in English. We are currently working on translations for various other country releases. We also hope to do an overseas book tour in the spring.

Cat: What`s in the pipeline after the book publication?
M.ALOISI: We are doing a national book tour for a few months, then Kane and I will start to work on a book about ghost hunting based around his team, the Hollywood Ghost Hunters.

Cat: Good luck with your biography! I hope the book will be published in Germany one day. We hope to see you soon in Germany!
M.ALOISI: As of now, if things go well, we’ll both be there in February at a convention!



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