Interview with Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS)

Cat: Insidious was a great success in the USA. Now the movie starts in Germany. What can the fans expect?
L.SHAYE: You can expect a wonderful “thrill ride!”…..the film builds slowly, and is really somewhat of a “realistic” family drama, that “gets turned on its head.”  The traditional “safe” places for us all….our family, and our home, are “invaded” in a frightening and gradual way that promotes discomfort, chills, squeals and at times, genuine fear. Get ready to hold hands with the person next to you….you may even end up on their lap!

Cat: Do you have a favourite memory from the shooting and could you tell us about them?
L.SHAYE: One of my favorite memories was the gas mask sequence. The mask was never fitted specifically for my face before we got to the scene. We got to set, they brought the mask, and it felt terrible! It was poking, pressing, sticking me in the eye…and altogether miserable! The art department only had moments to try and make adjustments so that it didn’t poke my eye out during the hectic and LONG scene!…They almost had it, but then it was so tight on my face I couldn’t breathe! That was no good either. I could see but not breathe!…dead actress..>!…finally, the 3rd time is a charm. Just in time, they fixed it so it sat far enough away from my eyes and nose that I was comfortable enough to keep it on as long as needed…without passing out or going blind!  PHEW!

Cat: Do you believe in ghosts?
L.SHAYE: Do I believe in ghosts? One word. Yes. There are so many things happening in the world and outside of it, that it is impossible to say no. Too many unexplainable things, and I have had “an experience or several” myself! Too long to elaborate on here…but….answer is:  YES!

Cat: What was the first movie you ever remember seeing – how old were you?
L.SHAYE: THE HOUSE OF WAX was the first horror movie I remember. In 3-D!!!  1953.  With Vincent Price. I literally jumped out of my seat in the movie, and ended up on the floor with my popcorn!

Cat: And what’s your favourite movie?
L.SHAYE: I think the House of Wax, is still one of my favorites, and maybe because it was the first one I remember affecting me….and most of the Hitchcock films: The Birds, Psyco, and his thrillers like Rear Window…also the original  NIGHT MUST FALL….with Robert Montgomery (I think it was 1937…NO I WAS NOT BORN YET!). I also love Carnival of Souls…and of course the first NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET!

Cat: I love DEAD END and your part as Laura Harrington. How was the shoot?
L.SHAYE: We had a ball shooting DEAD END. It was shot all at night in a wonderful canyon here in Los Angeles called Franklin Canyon. We would arrive around 4pm in the late afternoon and wrap at around 6am the next morning. Ray Wise is one of my all time favorite actors to work with. The film was written by 2 Frenchmen…in English. I loved the script and shooting at night like that made it all extra spooky. It was pitch black except for the globe lights they used to light the set. Lots of odd noises all the time…I can’t tell you how many times one of us would stop in our tracks and even stop a take and say: WHAT WAS THAT??…rustling?  howling…?  Was that a twig snapping? Is someone down here?” That was as scary as the movie!

Cat: James Wan and Leigh Whannell are also responsible for SAW. Both of them are great and have awesome ideas. How was the collaboration with the two?
L.SHAYE: There is not enough space to tell you how wonderful James and Leigh both are. Smart, visionary, collaborative, clever, spontaneous, funny and all in all great artists, great friends, and great filmmakers. I hope to work with them again and again and again.

Cat: You are in some upcoming genre movies. What can you tell us about them?
L.SHAYE: I am fortunate to have lots of things “still happening,” ….There is a film called “GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY”…a comedy which will be opening in the US in September, with Jason Sedukis and Will Forte from Saturday Night live; a film called ROSEWOOD LANE directed by Victor Salva who did JEEPERS CREEPERS, (actually Ray Wise is in that one too)… an anthology called CHILLERAMA:  4 short horror films from Tim Sullivan, Adam Rifkin, Joe Lynch and Adam Green; and a film called FDR: AMERICAN BADASS…where I play Eleanor Roosevelt to Barry Bostwick’s FDR….really funny script….and on and on I AM SO GREATFUL TO SAY…

Cat: Thank you for the interview. I hope to see you here in Germany one day!
L.SHAYE: Thanks you too, for your interest in me and my work. Hope you love INSIDIOUS….Looking forward to all good things!……And yes, it would be lovely to meet in your country some day!…..who knows what lies ahead?

One thought on “Interview with Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS)

  1. INSIDIOUS ist ein recht spannender und schauriger Grusel – Thriller der alten Schule .
    Mit wenig special Effects , jedoch wirksam umgesetzt . Die Darsteller können allesamt überzeugen .
    Dieser Dämon im Film schaut irgendwie ein wenig putzig aus :-). Ich habe mich auf jeden Fall gut unterhalten.
    Note : 7,5/10 Ewigwelten

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