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Cat: Thomas, you are best known for the AMERICAN PIE movies but you are also no stranger in the horror scene. You’ve played the role of Bill in HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION in 2002. Can you tell us anything about what it was like making the movie?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: I was very excited that my very first horror film was the 8th sequel to the infamous HALLOWEEN. I had a lot of fun on the set of that film. I even decided to choose a character that would die earlier in the film. I had already made AMERICAN PIE and AMERICAN PIE 2 so I knew it would be more of a shock to audiences when my character died 3rd in the film. You know how it goes, you see the cast of a slasher film and you sort of know that anyone with a semi-familiar face will live longer. So my death scene created quite the surprise at the time.

Cat: Do you watch horror movies yourself and do you have some favorites?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: I’ve seen tons of horror movies, probably a few too many when I was a little kid, cause I remember being scared out of my mind. My favorites horror film of all time is one that is a cross genre of Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller from 1956 entitled „THE BAD SEED“. I remember my acting coach suggesting the film when I was around 11 years old. I was doing research for a similar role that I was about to screen test for.

Cat: Let’s talk about your upcoming film THE LOST TREE. You play the role of Noah and you are also one of the producers. What is the film about?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: I’m very proud of THE LOST TREE. I helped develop the idea with director/writer Brian A. Metcalf. It was really a return to my roots as a dramatic actor. THE LOST TREE is the journey of a man trying to start over after experiencing a traumatic accident. He heads to an isolated cabin and soon learns that the surrounding area has a dangerous past.

Cat: The trailer looks really interesting and suspenseful. How was the shoot?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: The principle photography is always my favorite part making a movie and this one was no different. We had a lot of fun and I uncovered some deep dark corners of my mind playing this character. Brian and I have worked together before so we’ve got a really good shorthand when it comes to shooting the scenes. Our crew worked really hard and we had a few really long shoot days in some abnormal conditions. We really were in an isolated cabin with no cell reception and no internet. The only line of communication to the outside world was a land line…

Cat: A few of our readers were very excited about the song FOREVER from the band THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE which we can hear in the trailer. Who choose the song and how did it happen?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: Brian chose the song for the teaser trailer. He has a very distinct vision for all aspects of the film. I believe he contacted Sony Music and got permission and the band was in full support of the film as well so it all worked out.

Cat: I’ve read that you are also a musician and I started to listen to a few of your songs. I really enjoyed „You don’t know“ and „Without Warning“. Any plans about new songs or a tour that you can tell us about?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: Thanks. Glad you dig my tunes. I’m currently writing songs for my 5th album. I recently wrote a fantastic song with Caleb Turman of ‚Forever the Sickest Kids‘ for the new album. As far as touring, I’m hoping to return to the UK and Germany again this year. I had an amazing time touring in both countries before. So I’ll be tweeting about it when details get confirmed.

Cat: What kind of music do you listen to?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: I listen to rock and roll from every era. I’m also a house music fan thanks to my wife DJ Colette. Wait till you hear her new album due out this year.

Cat: You are also a new face on the convention scene! Do you enjoy the convention experience so far?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: I’ve done 3 conventions so far and I have to say it’s a great way to connect with fans. It gives me a chance to say thanks for digging my work. It’s also a chance to really have a conversation with them one on one. So I plan on doing more conventions when my shooting schedule allows.

Cat: What can you tell me about your other upcoming movie HACK! 2: DEAD AGAIN?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: We don’t have a start date set yet but I think that we’ll be shooting in Hungary. I couldn’t pass up the chance to shoot in Hungary again. I love to produce and act, so I try to do it any chance I get. Plus, This will be my 4th horror film so I’ve got to keep delivering to the people that appreciate the horror side of my career.

Cat: Is there something else in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
Thomas Ian Nicholas: Brian A. Metcalf and I have plans for several other projects from Film to TV to webisodes. I’m excited to start making some of the other projects that we’ve been developing. So look our for more cool stuff from Red Compass Media.

Cat: Thank you so much for the interview. I wish you all the best with THE LOST TREE and your other future projects. Hope we will see you soon in Germany again.
Thomas Ian Nicholas: Thank you so much. I hope to be back sooner than later. I am half German so whenever I’m there it feels like home. I can’t wait to visit again. Prost!

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