Interview with Declan O’Brien (WRONG TURN 4-BLOODY BEGINNINGS)

Thrillandkill (Horrorfilme und Thriller): Declan

Here is our interview with Declan O’Brien in the english version.

T&K: Hello Declan. You are director, writer and producer. What do you enjoy most of all?
Declan: If I had a choice I’d like to write and direct my own script all the time. But if that is not the case I’d say I like directing over writing and then producing comes in third.

T&K: Your new movie, WRONG TURN 4-BLOODY BEGINNINGS, will be released in January here in Germany. What can we expect?
Declan: You can expect a wild ride. The film is set in the winter time, a change of pace for the series and it also takes place in an abandoned sanatorium. It has a very creepy feel to it and gives us some of the most unusual deaths I think people have seen in a long time.

T&K: Lot’s of fans didn’t like the last part. Have you tried to do things differently for the new one?
Declan: A lot of fans didn’t like it and a lot did. Everyone has their own taste. Obviously enough fans liked part 3 for us to make a part 4. That being said, I get back to the origins on this story. It’s more closely related to part 1 than anything else.

T&K: How did you become involved with the WRONG TURN franchise?
Declan: Twentieth Century Fox had seen some of the films that I had directed for Universal and SYFY and were interested enough to ask me to join the franchise.

T&K: Could you imagine directing another Wrong Turn film?
Declan: I could imagine it if the story is right and fits the evolution of the franchise.

T&K: Three Finger, One Eye or Saw Tooth: Who is your favorite character?
Declan: Three Finger. My apologies to One Eye and Saw Tooth.

T&K: How did you go about casting your actors?
Declan: We shot the film in Winnipeg Canada so we did a nation wide casting search throughout Canada, all the major cities.

T&K: What are some of your favorite horror movies?
Declan: The Shining the Kubrick version, The Thing the Carpenter version, obviously those two films influenced me on Wrong Turn 4.

T&K: What can you tell me about your new projects?
Declan: I just finished writing an action screenplay for Fox. We’ll see if we shoot it in 2012.

T&K: Thank you for taking the time and good luck for the future.


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