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Josh Ethier - Thrillandkill (Horrorfilme und Thriller)

Thrill & Kill: Josh, you’re working as an actor but you’re also doing a lot of other stuff behind the camera. You had the job as the editor for movies like Eric England’s CONTRACTED or the new Adam Green film DIGGIN UP THE MARROW. How was the working process on both of them?
Josh Ethier: Actually I cut “Contracted“ while I was working on the TV Series, “Holliston“. The process on “Contracted“ was pretty standard, although shorter time with the director (two weeks) and producers (a single day). „Digging Up The Marrow“ was much different than the usual process, as I was also involved in shooting (I play myself in the film). We spent a month editing the film before I left for some festivals for „Almost Human“, and then resumed when I got back, and we’d had some time to settle into the cut. Working with Adam is great, he’s incredibly practical, and has let me try some downright ridiculous things in the editing room.

T&K: You also got a role in DIGGIN UP THE MARROW opposite Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Ray Wise and others. What is the film about and what can we expect?
Josh Ethier: I’m not sure I can say too much on what it’s about, as that’s part of the fun of watching it the first time. It’s very different from anything else that I’ve worked on, and we had a lot of fun making it. I’ll leave it at that!

Almost HumanT&K: Let’s talk about ALMOST HUMAN which were released recently in Germany. You’re playing Mark Fisher, who dissapears mysteriously for two years, but when some killings happened , his friend Seth thinks that Mark returned. How was the filming?
Josh Ethier: Filming „Almost Human“ was one of the best experiences of my entire life. As an editor, I hardly ever do more on set than visit a few times. I’ve been working with Joe (Begos, Writer\Director of „Almost Human“), since we were freshman in High School. I’m never as involved in a film as I am when we’re working together, and that’s really why I make films. Being involved from the ground up is much more rewarding than just coming on in post production, and I hope to make movies with Joe Begos as long as humanly possible.

T&K: Any cool or dirty behind the scenes stories you could tell us about?
Josh Ethier: Just that it was really fun getting naked on a freezing cold day in front of a crew of high school friends, and then having a big, bald, hairy dude from New Hampshire cover me in alien slime, by hand. Crossed that one off the bucket list.

T&K: If aliens landed in front of you and offered you any position on their planet, what would you like to do there?
Josh Ethier: Edit their films.

T&K: Are you doing anything before a shoot to get into the character?
Josh Ethier: On „Almost Human“, on any of the more dialogue driven days, I’d spend a few minutes with Graham Skipper (who plays Seth in the film) talking about the scene, as he’s a much more accomplished actor than I am. He’d talk me through some motivations, some possible choices, and was all around amazingly supportive of me the entire process. After talking to him a bit, I’d make sure I knew my marks, and walk myself through the scene while they were lighting and working out the scene. On most of our indoor scenes, I’d spend a few minutes outside before we’d shoot to try to get back into the cold, lonely alien headspace. Also because I was wearing 5 layers of clothes, and those lights on set get hot!

Josh Ethier in Almost HumanT&K: Are you a collector of anything?
Josh Ethier: About 5 years ago, I started buying records, and that’s where most of my disposable income has gone since. Before I even considered being a filmmaker, I’d already been a musician for years, which is how I naturally felt into the position of editor. I’m approaching somewhere around 800 LP’s, and there’s a few gems in the collection, but that’s a discussion for a completely different interview.

T&K: If you have to choose, what are your three favorite soundtracks?
Josh Ethier: Ennio Morricone’s „The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, Francois Eudes Chanfrault’s “Inside” (I’ve used this score as temp music on just about every film I’ve worked on), and John Carpenter’s “Christine”.

T&K: Can you name a few of your favorite movies and what you associate with them?
Josh Ethier: Also need to mention “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” here, as it’s been my favorite film for a very, very long time. My father was a big fan of Westerns, and because of him, I saw a lot of classic films early in life (movie’s like “Shane“ or „The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance“). But the one I always came back to was “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. I consider it to be a perfect film. Also on that list of perfect films, “Blade Runner”, “Leon”, and “Day of The Dead”. I’m always the odd man out when it comes to talking about Romero’s “Dead” films, but I’ve loved “Day of The Dead” since the first time I saw it, and my appreciation for it has only grown since. Rounding out the perfect list is Carpenter’s “The Thing”, and I don’t think I need to explain why.

T&K: What’s next? Any upcoming projects you can talk about?
Josh Ethier: About to finish cutting a film titled “Some Kind of Hate”, which features a few friends I made on the festival circuit, and is a new take on the Slasher genre. Hopefully some premiere news on that one soon. Other than that one, there’s not much I can discuss at the moment!

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Josh Ethier in Almost Human

Josh Ethier in Almost Human

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